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Babington House School Letters to Sally

Kevin Kasperski, Alberta

My name is Kevin Kasperski and I am 46 years old. My dad was in the Canadian Army and he took a post in London to finish off his career (WW II Vet.). We moved to #7 Grange Drive and I went to school at Babington House form 1969-1971 (3 years). I was in Haig House. I still have the tie and my daughter wore it to school this year for "tie day". (No uniforms over here).

The head mistresses at the time were Ms. Williams and Mrs. Manchester. Oooo !!! Let's just say I got into trouble from time to time when the "ruler" was a mode of correction !!!

I learned to play football (soccer) at Babington. We were given 2 balls and you were either a Chelsea fan or a Hammers supporter. My favorites were Osgood, Cook, Hudson, Hutchison, Harris so you know which team I was on. We played and played in our uniforms and always had to straighten up when we came back to class. I used that experience to have quite a good soccer career here in Canada when we came back.

I remember the old hand bell being rung hard by Mrs. Manchester for lunch etc.

I remember getting a bottle of milk in the mornings.

I remember "toad in the hole", "bangers and mash", and "spotted dick".

We sat at a long table like Harry Potter initially but us North Americans had our big meal at night so my brother and I started to take a bag lunch. There were 2 Australians, 4 Americans and a couple of other foreigners at "our" lunch table.

I remember the janitor at the time, an older man, who took the boys for gym class. Loved the long runs to a park on the way to Bromley (not sure of name)

My favorite teacher was Mrs. Minty even though sometimes I made her quite cross. I enjoyed Lower Juniors with her and all the various subjects that are divided quite differently here in Canada. Why was she my favorite teacher in my schooling career? I'm not sure why? It is hard to explain a favorite. I guess it is just something you feel inside and never lose. She is still my favorite.

I got a teaching degree and taught for a few years before joining the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. I have been a Mountie for 17 years now. I look at it like I have a bigger classroom with more power!

I have been married for 16 years (anniversary today) and I have a son Jon who is 13 and daughter Sarah who is 11 + 2 dogs Scout and Khan.

I could go on and on about my three years in England and how it changed and enriched my life.

I still support Chelsea.

I coach soccer now.

I wear a tie to work everyday.

I eat chips not crisps and I eat french fries not chips now.

I haven't had custard in years.

I would love to come back someday to show my kids the England I visited and enjoyed.

The real purpose is to try to get this e-mail to Mrs. Minty to say hello.

I hope she is doing well. I've never forgot what a great teacher she was and to say thank you from the Colonies. She was a great part of my life and I will always be grateful.


Kevin Kasperski


p.s. When did they change the House names?

Mrs Sally Mean
Mrs Sally Mean
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